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After a complete inspection of the property at 8800 Summit and much prayer and a consultation meeting Sunday April 20th 2015, the leadership decided to make a counter offer of no more than $380,000 for the property at 8800 Summit with the contingency that we fund-raise enough to purchase for cash.

The seller responded that he is firm on the price of $425,000 regardless of extensive repair findings, and did not accept our offer.  So we are not going to purchase this property. However, should the other prospective buyers find the same deficiencies and also withdraw, there may be the possibility that the seller could come back to us and say our $380,000 doesn't look so bad.

In any case we feel we have the blessing and guidance of the Ruakh, and unity among our people.  We are continuing to pray, and save and wait on Adoni.

Recently, having learned from our present landlord which uses the building with us, of their expansion possibilities which would diminish the space available to us, we feel more keenly the importance of moving to our own space.

Please note that your gracious offerings and pledges that were going to be used to purchase 8800 Summit, will be held in our building fund until we find another facility, unless you let us know that you prefer to withdraw your donation or pledge.

Such requests should be send by email to

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Or HaOlam Messianic Congregation, P.O. Box 12503, Overland Park, Kansas 66282.

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