Worship and Torah Service: Saturdays @ 10:00 am

We are located at 9898 West 95th Street, Overland Park, Kansas


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        May 18 2019 - Mtt 26.51-54 Cut off an Ear

       May 11 2019 - Mother's Day 2019 5779 Warriors

        May 4 2019 - Umar Mulinde, guest Shabbat speaker

        Apr 27 2019 - Mtt. 26.47-50, Kiss of Yehuda

        Apr 20 2019 - Mtt. 26.40-46 Sleeping

        Apr 13 2019 - Ryan Karp -- Chosen People Ministries

        Apr 6 2019 - Mtt. 26:3-39 Intercession

        Mar 30 2019 - Mtt. 26.33-35.Panic & Brain training

  images/Spacer.png      Mar 23 2019

  images/Spacer.png       Mar 16 2019

         Mar 9 2019 - Chris Coursey Or_HaOlam_Shabbat

         Mar 2 2019 - Mtt. 26.30-32P, Pesakh-Hallel

         Feb 23 2019 - Atonement actualized/Dan David Violinist

         Feb 16 2019 - Mtt. 26.26-29 - New Covenant

         Feb 9 2019 - Love

         Feb 2 2019 - Mtt. 26.14-23 - Betrayal

         Jan 26 2019 - Mtt. 26.10-13 - World wide fame

         Jan 19 2019 - Shul canceled because of weather

         Jan 12 2019 - Shul canceled because of weather

         Jan 5 2019 - Mtt. 26.3-5 Extravagant Worship

About Or HaOlam


Or HaOlam teaches Jewish life in the Messiah of Israel. We are part of a world-wide movement of Jewish Congregations and people of all ethnic groups who follow Yeshua (Jesus) in the context of Jewish lifestyle and identity. We meet weekly every Saturday morning at 10 am.


The Vision of Or HaOlam:

Working to bring Jewish people, and those grafted in, to their covenantal identity in Messiah.  Implies: 1.) Salvation through the Atonement of the Messiah; personal faith in the atoning death and resurrection of Yeshua; it's all about the King  2.) Covenantal identity of Jewish people, not replacement  3.) Restoration to Torah lifestyle  4.) Restoration/survival of the nation of Israel. (Covenantal identity, so Jewish believers don't assimilate.  Romans 11:15 "For if their casting Yeshua aside means reconciliation for the world, what will their accepting him mean?  It will be life from the dead!)

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Or HaOlam Messianic Synagogue is an affiliate of the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations & Synagogues and a member of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.     MJAA



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