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Shabbat Dinner Recipes


Honey Wheat Challah (View Recipe)

Gluten Free Brazilian Cheese Bread (view Recipe)

Main Dishes

These recipes have been selected for Shabbat dinner because they are easy to make, some can be made ahead, but each one of them will make your Shabbat dinner a special one. Invite a Jewish friend!

  1. Brian's Broccoli Alioli (view recipe)
  2. Chicken Parmesan (view recipe)
  3. Curried Fried Rice (view recipe)
  4. Honey Baked Chicken (view recipe)
  5. Lemon Garlic Tilapia (view recipe)
  6. Roast of Beef (view recipe)
  7. Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Peppers (view recipe)

Oneg Shabbat Recipes

Recipes to make and bring to Oneg lunch.

  1. Curried Chicken Salad (view recipe)
  2. Egg Salad (view recipe)
  3. Tuna Salad (view recipe)
  4. Potato Salad (view recipe) 

Rosh HaShannah  (Feast of Trumpets)


Apple Honey Muffins (view recipe)

Main Dishes

Apples & Honey Baked Chicken (view recipe)


Apple & Honey Fritters (view recipe)

Yom Kippur Neilah 

(This is a break-the-Fast after Yom Kippur)

Main Dishes

Easy Kugel--you can make ahead! (view recipe)

Soups and Salads

  1. Spicy Split Pea Soup (view recipe)
  2. Tomato Basil Soup (view recipe)


  1. Cheese Blintzes (view recipe)
  2. Dinah's Cheesecake (view recipe)
  3. Rugelach (view recipe) 

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

Soups and Salads

  1. Black Bean Soup (view recipe)
  2. Esau's Red Pottage (view recipe)
  3. Stephanie's Autumn Harvest Soup (view recipe)

Main Dishes

  1. California Casserole (view recipe)
  2. Pizza Chicken (view recipe)


  1. Banana Bread (view recipe)
  2. Blueberry Oat Muffins (view recipe) 

Hanukkah (Festival of Lights)


  1. Hanukkah Cream Cheese Cookies (view recipe)
  2. Handcrafted Donuts (view recipe)
  3. Judah Macabee Chocolate Cookies (view recipe)
  4. Irresistible Apple Fritters (view recipe)

Main Dishes

  1. Nadia's Wonderful Crispy Latkes (view recipe)
  2. Oven Baked Latkes (view recipe)
  3. Potato Pumpkin Latkes (view recipe)
  4. Sweet Potato Apple Latkes (view recipe)

Going to a Hanukkah party and don't know what to bring?  Here are some Suggestions. 

Purim  (Feast of Esther)

Main Dishes

Savory Hamantaschen (view recipe)


  1. Hamantaschen Challah (view recipe)
  2. Savory Hamantaschen Bread (view recipe)


  1. Cheese Filling for Hamantaschen (view recipe)
  2. Queen Esther's Hamantaschen (view recipe)
  3. Rebbetzin's Hamantaschen (view recipe)
  4. Gifts for the Poor: Manot Gift Basket (view recipe) 

Pesach (Passover: Feast of Unleavened Bread)

Ceremonial: all recipes made from scratch!

  1. Charoset (view recipe)
  2. Perfect Boiled Eggs (view recipe)

Soups and Salads:

  1. Matzo Ball Soup (view recipe)
  2. Israeli Salad (view recipe)

Unleavened Breads

  1. Whole Wheat Matzo (view recipe)

Main Dishes

  1. Sage Roasted Chicken (view recipe)
  2. Broccoli Mushroom Casserole (view recipe)
  3. Carrot Apple Kugel (view recipe)
  4. Baked Herbed Potatoes (view recipe)
  5. Passover Broccoli Souffle (view recipe)
  6. Potato Carrot Kugel (view recipe)


  1. Passover Fudge Muffins (view recipe)
  2. Cheesecake (view recipe)
  3. Matzo Praline Strips (view recipe)
  4. Passover Fudge Brownies (view recipe)
  5. Passover Macaroons (view recipe)
  6. Pesadik Strawberry Cheesecake (view recipe)
  7. Chocolate Cream Macaroon Tarts (view recipe)
  8. Quick and Easy Passover Peanut Butter Cookies (view recipe)
  9. Pesadik Almond Apple Cake (view recipe) 

Shavuot (Pentecost)


Spinach Cheese Scones (view recipe)

Main Course

  1. Broccoli Cheese Casserole (view recipe)
  2. Easy Kugel (view recipe)
  3. Spinacca (view recipe)
  4. Veggie Frittata (view recipe)


  1. Cheese Blintzes (view recipe)
  2. Dinah's Cheesecake (view recipe)
  3. No Bake Milk and Honey Balls (view recipe)
  4. Rugelach (view recipe)  

Rebbetzin's Kefir Recipes

(Click on highlighted words to get more information)

What is Kefir? Our Rebbetzin says that you can serve Adonai much better if you are healthy and well and energetic. What you eat and drink is so important to your health. Kefir is amazing how it makes and keeps you healthy.  What can Kefir treat? Here Rebbetzin is sharing her nutritious kefir recipes with you who wish to make your own kefir at home using live kefir grains, instead of buying the commercial kind. (What's the difference?)  See how you can make good use of extra liquid kefir, and the kefir whey which comes from making kefir cream cheese. We hope that after trying a few of these recipes, you will be inspired to modify your own favorite recipes. If you have a great recipe consider sharing it with us by sending it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (How can I get live kefir grains?)

Some have asked why bake with kefir seeing as the hot temperature kills the probiotic? The answer is that the kefir will culture your baking product (or predigest the carbohydrates) if you let it sit and rest for awhile before putting it into the oven. The end result is that when you eat cultured food your digestive system can work more efficiently, you will have more energy and your body will store less calories. This is very helpful in losing weight or maintaining an ideal weight.

Cake and Pie

  1. Kefir Brownie Cake (get recipe) This is an easy to make, moist, almost fudge-like cake.
  2. Kefir Cultured Pie Crust (get recipe) This makes a nice flaky crust.
  3. Pumpkin Kefir Pie (get recipe) Somewhat like a custard with a pleasing mild pumpkin taste.
  4. Easy Kefir Cream Cheese (get recipe) with several flavorful recipes.

Salad Dressings Made with Kefir Cream Cheese

To make your salad dressings, mix 2 parts kefir cream cheese (any flavor) and 1 part liquid kefir, mix until smooth and there you have it! (Kefir better than yogurt?)

Yeast Breads

Baking with Kefir is the quickest, easiest way to get cultured food (sourdough) results in a fraction of the time! And it hardly tastes sour! (Health benefits of sourdough.) 

Sourdough Breadmaking 101!  If you are making homemade Kefir, you have a great sourdough shortcut!  (here's the secret)

  1. Kefir Sourdough Honey Wheat Challah (get recipe) Lighter whole wheat!
  2. Kefir Sourdough Butterhorn Rolls (get recipe) to impress your guests!

Sourdough Quick Breads

  1. Whole Wheat Kefir Sourdough Biscuits (get recipe)
  2. Sourdough Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins (get recipe) Light and fluffy!
  3. Sourdough Apple Fritters (get recipe)
  4. Sourdough Carrot Cake Muffins (get recipe)
  5. Kefir Cheese Fritters (get recipe)


  1. Sourdough Pancakes (get recipe)
  2. Sourdough Kefir Cheese Crepes (get recipe)
  3. Sourdough Cheese Blintzes (get recipe) 

Sauces:  (Raw recipes make you feel so good, and are so quick to make!)

  1. Raw Spaghetti Sauce: Really fresh tasting and nutritious! (get recipe)

Main Dishes

  1. Veggie Pizza: A fresh warm sourdough crust, topped with raw veggies! (get recipe)
  2. Tandoori Chicken Masala (get recipe) Moist and tender chicken!

Refreshing Veggie Smoothies or Soups

20 minutes after having any of these, you will feel good, refreshed and satisfied!

  1. Tasty Green Smoothie (6 different veggies will keep you going 'til dinner time) (get recipe)
  2. Avocado Spicy (get recipe)
  3. Creamy Broccoli (get recipe)
  4. Cucumber Dill Spicy (get recipe)

Kefir Fruit Smoothies

A natural antibiotic! Have one of these instead of a high calorie snack!

  1. "Apple Pie" Kefir (get recipe)
  2. Pineapple Coconut Kefir (get recipe)
  3. Strawberry Orange Kefir (get recipe)
  4. Peaches 'N Cream (get recipe)

Going Out of Town?

How to Take Kefir with you. Or to leave it at home: strain your grains, put them in a glass jar, just barely cover with half and half and put in refrigerator and should keep for up to 2 weeks.  If left longer than this, your kefir grains may risk dying.  Don't throw away the "sour cream" surrounding the kefir grains when you return.  This kefir sour cream makes a wonderful dressing for salads.  Just pick out the grains from the thick creamy kefir.  Grains may be "washed off" with plain milk, but NEVER use tap water to rinse your kefir grains.  The chlorine in the water will damage them.

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The Vision of Or HaOlam:

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