Worship and Torah Service:

Saturdays @ 10:00 am
9898 West 95th Street
Overland Park, Kansas
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For prayer or inquiries please call 913-383-8448


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     Dec 31 - Yeshua and Shabbat: Part 1 Legalism

     Dec 24 - Bringing my Brother

     Dec 17 - Hanukkah, Inner Warfare

     Dec 10 - Shakeable, Unshakeable

     Dec 3 - Our Own G-d

     Nov 26 - Tasting the Presence

     Nov 19 - Give Thanks!

     Nov 12 - The Spirit of Adoption Orphan Shabbat

     Nov 5 - He Installs and Removes Kings

     Oct 29 - What is Rest?

     Oct 22 - Messiah has come-By water and by Blood

     Oct 17 - Simkhat Torah: The Power of the Word

     Oct 15 - Where Is Your Trust?

     Oct 8 - Jubilee Freedom!

     Oct 5 - Enigmatic Yinnon Prayer

     Oct 4 - Kol Nidre: Expelling Satan

     Oct 1 - Days of Awe-Fear of the L-rd. 

     Sep 26- Hannah's Shame, Yeshua's Victory

     Sep 25 - Rosh HaShanah, Rejoice!

     Sep 24 - A Gentiles Shabbat

     Sep 17 - Slikhot 5782

     Sep 10 - Heroes in Life, in Death -2

     Sep 3 - Heroes in Life, in Death

     August 27 - Avinu Malkenu Our Father Our King

     August 20 - Father's Love and Fatherless Epidemic 

     August 13 -

     August 6 - M'nukha - Deep Rest

     July 30 - 

     July 23 - Guest Speaker, Baruch Burt.A Tale of Three Zealots

     July 16 - 17th Tammuz Fast Day

     July 9 - Guest Speaker

     July 2 - Jews and Gentiles is there a Torah Difference

     June 25- Guest Speaker, Sally Shiff

     June 18- Father's Day 2022 Serve

     June 11- The Blessing Bamidbar

     June 4- Shavuot 2022 Acts 2.1-4 Filled with the Ruakh-Spirit

     May 28- Ten Days to Shavuot

     May 21- Yn 4.35-36  Counting up to the Harvest

     May 14- Letter to the Messianic Jews a 12.1-2 Victory Run

     May 7- Mother's Day 2022 Praying Heroines

     Apr 30- Guest Speaker

     Apr 23- Firstfruits Times Two

     Apr 16- Passover with you. Lk 22.14

     Apr 9- Tim Gustafson's message

     Apr 2- Liberation Passover

     Feb 26- Guest Speaker

     Mar 19- Ester 9.20-22  Days of...giving gifts to the poor

     Mar 12- Letter to the Messianic Jews a 11.03 From Nothing

     Mar 5- Letter to the Messianic Jews a 11.01-03 Trusting, the Foundation.Part 2

     Feb 26- Guest Speaker - Stewart Winograd - Reach Initiative

     Feb 19- Letter to the Messianic Jews a 11.01-03 Trusting, the Foundation

     Feb 12- Letter to the Messianic Jews a 10.32-39 Reckless First Love

     Feb 5- Letter to the Messianic Jews a 10.24-31 Community and Catastrophe

     Jan 29- Youth Service

     Jan 22- Letter to the Messianic Jews a 10.15-25 Covenant and Community

     Jan 15- Tu BeShvat, 15th of Shevat  Jer. 1.11-12 Almond Tree Blossoms

     Jan 8- Stephanie Miller Snider Memorial

     Jan 8- Guest Speaker - Healing

     Jan 1- Letter to the Messianic Jews a 10.11-14 At the Right Hand 2000 years

About Or HaOlam


Or HaOlam teaches Jewish life in the Messiah of Israel. We are part of a world-wide movement of Jewish Congregations and people of all ethnic groups who follow Yeshua (Jesus) in the context of Jewish lifestyle and identity. We meet weekly every Saturday morning at 10 am.


The Vision of Or HaOlam:

Working to bring Jewish people, and those grafted in, to their covenantal identity in Messiah.  Implies: 1.) Salvation through the Atonement of the Messiah; personal faith in the atoning death and resurrection of Yeshua; it's all about the King  2.) Covenantal identity of Jewish people, not replacement  3.) Restoration to Torah lifestyle  4.) Restoration/survival of the nation of Israel. (Covenantal identity, so Jewish believers don't assimilate.  Romans 11:15 "For if their casting Yeshua aside means reconciliation for the world, what will their accepting him mean?  It will be life from the dead!)

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Or HaOlam Messianic Synagogue is an affiliate of the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations & Synagogues and a member of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.     MJAA